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Order official copy of a birth certificate, copy of a death certificate, copy of a marriage certificate, copy of a Decree Absolute divourceCertificate copy, Copy of a Will, copy of a Probate and Legalised document, apostille stamp.

Will or Probate

Grant of representation

Order copy of a Will/Probate registered in England or Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the years 1858 to current date.

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Decree Absolute

Divorce certificate

Order copy of decree absolute of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the years 1837 to current date.

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  • You can use this service to help you research your family tree.
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We are a team of researchers who specialise in the search and location of historical records. We provide a priority service, prompt and friendly customer support and will handle all of the complications of your certificate order for you. .

We have been providing this legalisation service from many years and have a wealth of experience so can deal with virtually any UK document and also offer further legalisation via individual embassies in the UK if needed. While your documents are in our possession we take the greatest of care to ensure the security of your often valuable paperwork. Do not leave your documents to chance when ordering

If you do not know all the details for your certificate, this is not a problem. We will do our best with the information you have to locate the record and will confirm the details with you if we are unsure. If you decide not to proceed, we will issue you a full refund.

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Excellent service

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Good service

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At the Legit Services, we believe in providing a speedy and easy way to get your personal documents. Simply Order online and the requested documents can be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

We are a team of professional genealogy researchers providing the leading service in UK and Republic of Ireland. We are offering you the quickest, secure and best possible service when ordering replacement certificates of births, marriages and deaths, apostille service and embassy attestation, copy of a will or probate and decree absolute(divorce certificate).

We are an independent, non-government business organisation dedicated to processing your documents through the appropriate government departments and Consulates in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland that are authorised to issue an official copy of Birth Certificate, copy of Death Certificate, copy of Marriage Certificate, copy of Adoption Certificate, Decree Absolute copy, Copy of a Will or Probate document and Apostille service . We are not affiliated with any Registrar Office, Foreign Embassy, Consulate or Mission.

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